Celebration (Chor divers)

Celebration One of the all-time greatest party songs ever written is now newly arranged for 2-part voices. A top seller for years, kickin‘ Kirby Shaw style! Don’t be surprised if your audience joins in. ‚Yahoo! ‚ Noten für: Chor divers Notenverlag: Alfred Publishing CHM02101IN Noten Informationen und Preis: Celebration

Corelliana (Gitarre)

Corelliana In 2013, to celebrate the second centenary of the death of Arcangelo Corelli, I played in an official concert held in his memory in Fusignano, his hometown. Corelli did not write for the guitar, but a few of his compositions were transcribed by some contemporary guitarist and certainly his name has always been associated […]

Musik Werbenetz

Barden-Klänge Vol. 1 (Gitarre)

Barden-Klänge Vol. 1 Lucio Matarazzo CollectionStudies and Educational Pieces from Past Guitar Masters Lucio Matarazzo studied with E. Caliendo at the Conservatory ‚D. Cimarosa‘ in Avellino (Italy), where he graduated ’summa cum laude‘. Then he studied with O. Ghiglia, J. Tomás and, subsequently, A. Gilardino, graduating at the ‚L. Perosi‘ Academy (Biella, Italy), where he […]

Amazing Grace (Blasorchester)

Amazing Grace This is an absolutely stunning setting of this wildly popular hymn. While incredibly musical, Sean O’Loughlin’s Amazing Grace remains within the technical demands of younger musicians. The melody exudes a simple beauty that reminded the composer of the wonderment of the birth of his daughter. Your students will be swept away by the […]

The Magic Flutist Vol. 1 (Flöte)

The Magic Flutist Vol. 1 The music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is universally cherished by listeners and performers, transcending boundaries and generations. Drawing on the chamber repertoire, world-renowned flutist Robert Stallman has created a unique compilation for solo flute, providing 51 ’new‘ Mozart selections that invite flutists to enter more fully into Mozart’s expressive world. […]

Six Cello Suites for Flute (Flöte)

Six Cello Suites for Flute Transcribed and Edited by Amy Porter The Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello are some of the most frequently performed and recognizable solo compositions ever written. Master flutist and teacher Amy Porter has meticulously transcribed these pieces for performance on her upcoming CD. She has kept the integrity of the original […]

24 Exercises at the Piano (Klavier)

24 Exercises at the Piano Josefa Heifetz – Tochter des berühmten Geigers Jascha Heitetz – ist Pianistin, Pädagogin und sehr versiert in der’Sprache des Klaviers‘. Ihre’24 Exercises at the Piano‘ enthalten eine Reihe von Trillern, Skalen, Chromatischen Tonleitern und Arpeggios um die Unabhängigkeit der Finger sowie die Kraft und Beweglichkeit beider Hände zu verbessern. Noten […]

Musik Werbenetz

Three Piano Works op. posthumous (Klavier)

Three Piano Works op. posthumous Matthew Shaftel has assembled a well-researched critical edition of select Webern piano works, which together speak volumes of the composer’s compositional growth over his early years. The Satz and Rondo represent the Romanticism which framed Webern’s writing, even while he studied with Schoenberg, while the short Kinderstück is the first […]

Supernova (Streichorchester)

Supernova A bold fanfare composition for the youngest of students. Larry Clark has a knack for writing music that sounds more sophisticated than it is technically to play. There are no faster rythyms than quarter notes in Supernova, but it will make your beginners sound great! Noten für: Streichorchester Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-PAS9 Noten Informationen […]

Omicron (Streichorchester)

Omicron Omicron is an exciting composition for the developing string orchestra that starts with a three-note idea and steadily builds as the piece progresses. Carefully placed accents make the simple theme float across the bar lines throughout the piece. Sean O’Loughlin has a knack for writing great music for the very youngest of students. Noten […]

Colossus (Streichorchester)

Colossus A fanfare-like piece that makes even the youngest of players sound far more advanced than they are. The technical demands are very limited, but the music is bold and exciting for the players and audience alike. Another winner from Larry Clark! Noten für: Streichorchester Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-PAS7 Noten Informationen und Preis: Colossus

Rigadoon (Streichorchester)

Rigadoon String pedagogue Doris Gazda has arranged a classic Henry Purcell piece for the youngest of students. Your orchestra will be able to achieve a full sound with the work’s limited technical demands. Rigadoon is a wonderful introduction to Baroque music for beginning students. Noten für: Streichorchester Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-PAS6 Noten Informationen und Preis: […]

Mythos (Streichorchester)

Mythos Harkening back to the past, this modal-sounding piece from Sean O’Loughlin will make your students feel like they are playing some serious music! Indeed, the piece is serious in nature; t just happens to be written very appropriately for the youngest of students with limited rhythms and notes. Its mysterious minor tone is well-scored […]

Koneko (Kitten) (Streichorchester)

Koneko (Kitten) Keiko Yamada uses her experience in writing for young string students to present them with a joyful new piece that depicts the excitement and frivolity of the playful Koneko; ‚kitten‘ in Japanese! The rhythms and note selections are simple, but this piece will be fun for your students, as well as the parents […]

Chronicles (Streichorchester)

Chronicles Chronicles is a bold fanfare piece from popular composer Larry Clark. Its majestic, strong style will make even the youngest of string players sound great. Simple three-part writing and contemporary harmonies make this piece a winner, and every section of the orchestra gets a chance to play some of the important melodic material. Noten […]

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