Karneval in Venedig (Fagott)

Karneval in Venedig Paganinis Karneval in Venedig wurde im Lauf der Jahre schon oft für fast alle Instrumente und Ensembles verschiedenster Besetzungen bearbeitet. So hat z. B. auch der Kontrabassist Giovanni Bottesini eine sehr schwer zu spielende Bearbeitung für Kontrabass geschrieben. Bei all diesen Bearbeitungen übernimmt das Klavier (oder auch das Orchester) immer nur die […]

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Sonata op. 1 Nr. 2 (Kontrabass)

Sonata op. 1 Nr. 2 Benedetto Marcello (* 24. Juni oder 24. Juli 1686 in Venedig; ? 24. Juli 1739 in Brescia) war, wie auch sein Bruder Alessandro Marcello, ein italienischer Komponist des Barock. Er entstammte einer venezianischen Advokatenfamilie, studierte Jura und war in Venedig, Pula und Brescia tätig. Neben seiner beru?ichen Laufbahn vernachlässigte er […]

Romanze op. 36 (Violoncello)

Romanze op. 36 nach dem original für Horn und Klavier. Noten für: Violoncello Notenverlag: C. F. Schmidt CFS4602 Noten Informationen und Preis: Romanze op. 36

Romanze op. 36 (Viola)

Romanze op. 36 Nach dem Original für Horn und Klavier. Noten für: Viola Notenverlag: C. F. Schmidt CFS4586 Noten Informationen und Preis: Romanze op. 36

Indisches Lied op. 52,4 (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Indisches Lied op. 52,4 Das ‚Indische Lied‘ stammt aus den Arabesken op. 52 für Violine und Klavier und liegt hier in einer reizvollen kammermusikalischen Bearbeitung vor. Das Manuskript zu dieser Ausgabe stammt aus dem Nachlass von Theodor Albin Findeisen, der Solobassist im Gewandhausorchester Leipzig war. Johannes Palaschko war ein deutscher Komponist, Violinist und Violist, welcher […]

Top Tunes for the Trumpeter (Trompete)

Top Tunes for the Trumpeter 30 modern etudes which have been written with the definate purpose of providing the ambitious student with material with which to carry on beyond the point where most methods and study books leave off. This book is intended for advanced players who have gone beyond the ordinary material and who […]

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Top-Tones for the Saxophone (Saxophon)

Top-Tones for the Saxophone Standardwerk für Übungen im Top-Tone Bereich, gute Erklärungen, engl./dt. Students can develop their range with this insightful book with text both in English and German. The author focuses on technique and offers musical examples and exercises to help developing players achieve a four-octave range. An important book for all saxophone students! […]

Konzert in a-Moll Op. 129 (Violoncello)

Konzert in a-Moll Op. 129 Celebrated as one of the best cellists of the early 20th century, Emanuel Feuermann’s performance editions of cello repertoire have been newly engraved and are now available to the public for the first time since their initial publication in 1939. Feuermann’s unique fingerings, shifts, bowings, and markings have been preserved, […]

60 Melodic Etudes (E-Bass)

60 Melodic Etudes This new book from one of the most popular bass players in the business brings players great tools to improve their skills. Bass players can advance their knowledge of the fingerboard, improve intonation and time, develop flexibility and work though modes and scales presented in the book. This work combines music and […]

Gymnopedie No. 2 (Klarinette)

Gymnopedie No. 2 Carl Fischer introduces this exciting new series of performance pieces designed to help all levels of instrumentalists by making their practice time more productive. This innovative series offers the soloist stunningly clear engravings written for the chosen instrument and piano. In addition, a musically accurate and expressive piano accompaniment CD, both in […]

Playing With The Orchestra: Classics (Violoncello)

Playing With The Orchestra: Classics Here is your chance to play the melody from the orchestral works of the masters! Presented with a strong symphonic accompaniment on the included CD, this compilation offers the young player the most renowned available string repertoire. This unique collection contains fifteen of the most classic themes of all time […]

Sonata (Posaune)

Sonata Originally written for solo Flute, and published in 1763, this solo by C. P. E. Bach (1714-1788), the best known of J. S. Bach’s composing sons, makes a fine and somewhat challenging selection for solo trombone. The key has been changed from A Minor to C Minor and some additional articulations have been added […]

National Emblem March (Blasorchester)

National Emblem March This famous march has been played for generations, and Andrew’s excellent arrangement makes it accessible to younger groups. A recommended march for this level, and one that your audience will be whistling all the way home. (Grade 2 1/2) Noten für: Blasorchester Notenverlag: Carl Fischer CF-YBS74 Noten Informationen und Preis: National Emblem […]

Compatible Duets For Winds (Flexibles Ensemble)

Compatible Duets For Winds If you have a friend that plays another instrument and you want to play a duet with them for fun or in a performance, then this is the book for you!This collection contains 31 duets in a variety of styles from classical to folk music to original pieces that will be […]

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