Follow That Star (Chor divers)

Follow That Star A jazz cantata, Follow that Star uses lively, contemporary language and catchy, memorable tunes. It has a lightly humorous, easy style and keeps moving energetically from beginning to end and is scored for soloists, a group of singers and whole choir, with piano accompaniment. Noten für: Chor divers Notenverlag: Kevin Mayhew Publishers […]

Roots Songbook (Songbücher)

Roots Songbook If you’ve never attended one of the Salvation Army’s Roots celebrations, this songbook will certainly whet your appetite. The music it contains – 75 songs in all – is all about mission and has at its heart a strong worship dynamic. Each year, thousands of Salva??tion??ists gather at Southport to worship God and […]

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Grand Endings (Gemischter Chor)

Grand Endings Instruments: SATBThe hymn arrangements in Grand Endings are intended for those special occasions and festivals when something particularly splendid is called for. Each consists of a choral setting of the penultimate verse and a short organ introduction to the last verse: this has a special descant marked with a fine choral conclusion. Colin […]

Songs For The Young Church Choir Book 3 (Kinderchor)

Songs For The Young Church Choir Book 3 These four book represents a real treasury of music for the young choir – excellent texts and tuneful, manageable music. Noten für: Kinderchor Notenverlag: Kevin Mayhew Publishers KM1450149 Noten Informationen und Preis: Songs For The Young Church Choir Book 3

50 New Anthems For Mixed Voices (Gemischter Chor)

50 New Anthems For Mixed Voices Instruments: SATBA Kevin Mayhew mega-collection of the very best new choral writing, and what a bargain – just 25 pence per anthem! These are all settings for mixed voices, well within the capabilities of the average parish choir, and the music is melodic, beautifully written and harmonically pleasing. Noten […]

Warm-Up Rounds For Choirs (Chor divers)

Warm-Up Rounds For Choirs Many choir rehearsals begin with a ‚warm-up‘ to bring new life to voices that have often lain dormant all week. The 29 rounds in this useful book are ideal for such sessions, serving to settle the voices through controlled breathing, open throats, clear vowel sounds and expressive phrasing. And they are […]

Chants & Songs (Chor divers)

Chants & Songs A really user-friendly version of Margaret Rizza’s chants and songs taken from Fountain of Life and Fire of Love . Unison voices, straight­forward keyboard parts and just one part each for C and Bb instruments. All in easy-to-sing keys. The accompanying recording pre­sents all of the pieces in use. Noten für: Chor […]

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Missa 'Princeps Pacis' (Gemischter Chor)

Missa 'Princeps Pacis' We are delighted to celebrate the centenary of William Lloyd Webber with this eight-book collection. Showcasing him in the light of a composer who was true to himself and who fully embraced his signature style, this is music that is romantic, melodious and – above all – heartfelt. This is also music […]

Easy To Play Hymn Book (Orgel)

Easy To Play Hymn Book Many churches and schools have pianists who would like to play hymn accompaniments, but often the hymn-book arrangements are too difficult. This new book is the answer! It contains 459 popular hymns and worship songs arranged with pianists of early grade ability in mind. Noten für: Orgel Notenverlag: Kevin Mayhew […]

21st Century Folk Hymnal (Songbücher)

21st Century Folk Hymnal One of the most influential hymn collections of the second half of the twentieth century was a small red book called 20th Century Folk Hymnal. An enormous number of the 100 hymns in that collection are now in the everyday repertoire of every school and parish, so it is with confidence […]

Liturgical Hymns Old & New (Chor divers)

Liturgical Hymns Old & New For over twenty years the various editions of Hymns Old & New have kept pace with the evolving needs and demands of congregations. This edition offers a qualitative leap in that same tradition: as before, a broad collection of hymns, ancient, traditional and modern, but extended and enhanced; a completely […]

Downside Collection Book 1 (Orgel)

Downside Collection Book 1 Instruments: OrganAn outstanding collection of transcriptions made by Dom Gregory Murray, bearing all the hallmarks of this master musician. Noten für: Orgel Notenverlag: Kevin Mayhew Publishers KM1405900 Noten Informationen und Preis: Downside Collection Book 1

Two Delius Pieces for Organ (Orgel)

Two Delius Pieces for Organ Transcribed by: Dom Gregory MurrayInstruments: Organ Noten für: Orgel Notenverlag: Kevin Mayhew Publishers KM1405806 Noten Informationen und Preis: Two Delius Pieces for Organ

The Organist's Collection Book 12 (Orgel)

The Organist's Collection Book 12 Instruments: OrganThis series makes available a wide repertoire of music for the organ, requiring only a modest technique. Many of the pieces are well known while others, we feel, deserve to be. As always they are beautifully presented and represent tremendous value. Noten für: Orgel Notenverlag: Kevin Mayhew Publishers KM1405623 […]

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