Intro To Polyrhythms 1 (Musiktheorie)

Intro To Polyrhythms 1 Suitable for all musicians, Intro To Polyrhythms is one of the best methods for learning advanced rhythm, polyrhythm, and metric/harmonic superimposition. This comprehensive guide looks at rhythm through a magnifying glass and enables the student to see, sing and hear various subdivisions and groupings of subdivisions. This book can be used […]

Fiddle Tunes For Banjo Made Easy (Banjo)

Fiddle Tunes For Banjo Made Easy Fiddle Tunes for Banjo Made Easy is a collection of must-know, easy-to-learn bluegrass instrumental standards. Ross records each song at three speeds and also includes a rhythm backup track. The slow speed is ideal for hearing the notes clearly and being able to play along in rhythm; the medium […]

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Bluegrass Standards For Banjo Made Easy (Banjo)

Bluegrass Standards For Banjo Made Easy Bluegrass Standards Made Easy for Banjo is a collection of popular bluegrass songs presented in arrangements for the intermediate-level musician. Included are tips for learning each song, addressing many common mistakes encountered while learning the repertoire. Left- and Right-hand fingering notations have been meticulously added to the music. The […]

Gospel Songs For Banjo Made Easy (Banjo)

Gospel Songs For Banjo Made Easy Gospel Songs for Banjo Made Easy is a collection of gospel favorites arranged for bluegrass 5-string banjo. The arrangements stay true to the classic three-finger ‚Scruggs style‘ techniques with the melody skillfully woven in. On the 68-track CD, Ross plays each song at three speeds with a rhythm track […]

I Giorni (Klavier)

I Giorni Klaviernoten aus dem Album ‚I Giorni‘ von Ludovico Einaudi. Die Inspiration zu ‚I Giorni‘ erhielt Ludovico Einaudi durch ein Volkslied aus dem 12. Jahrhundert aus Mali über ein Flusspferd, das – von den Einwohnern verehrt – von einem Jäger erlegt wird. Diese Volkslied bringt die Trauer über diesen Vorfall zum Ausdruck und war […]

Cello Solo Pieces (Violoncello)

Cello Solo Pieces Cello/Solos. Twenty-four solos for cello based on famous classic melodies by Praetorius, Brahms, Mozart, Rimsky-Korsakov, Fauré, Chopin, Grieg, Dvorak, Beethoven, and Corelli as well as several folk songs and original pieces by the author. This music is specially arranged for the beginning-level pupil. A free piano accompaniment download is available for use […]

G Harmonica Book (Mundharmonika)

G Harmonica Book Finally! There is a definitive reference guide available for harmonicas in each and every key. This ground breaking series unlocks the musical power of the 10-hole major diatonic harmonica. One key at a time, each is designed to present detailed musical information for beginners, intermediate and advanced players who are either music […]

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Modern Blues (Gitarre)

Modern Blues Modern Blues is for intermediate to advanced players wishing to expand their melodic and harmonic vocabulary. The music is in standard notation as well as tablature and audio is included in which the more difficult exercises are played at a slower as well as faster tempo. The audio was recorded with live Drums, […]

Sabicas (Gitarre)

Sabicas This book presents three challenging extended flamenco guitar solos by the legendary Agustín Castellon Campos, best known as Sabicas (1912-1990). The selections are: Bronce Gitano, Campiña andaluza, and Duelo de campanas. Brief explanations of digitation symbols, flamenco tremolo technique, notation/tab conventions and use of the cejilla or capo are included. All of the music […]

The World's Hottest Fiddlers (Violine)

The World's Hottest Fiddlers All the fiddle tunes on the CD The World’s Hottest Fiddlers (C.M.H. Productions 8651; 2002), except one, are transcribed in detail for this book. These fifteen cuts, which include seventeen tunes, incorporate old-time standards such as ‚Sally Ann‘ as played by Kenny Baker, bluegrass standards such as ‚Orange Blossom Special‘ as […]

Jazz Fiddle Wizard Junior Book 1 (Violine)

Jazz Fiddle Wizard Junior Book 1 Designed for beginning to intermediate musicians at a high school level, the Jazz Wizard Junior series follows in the footsteps of the original Jazz Wizard method by providing a break-through approach for younger players who want to learn to improvise within the jazz style. Jazz Fiddle Wizard Junior provides […]

First Lessons Blues Harmonica (Mundharmonika)

First Lessons Blues Harmonica First Lessons Blues Harmonica is an exciting course for the beginning blues player. The ideas presented are solidly in the blues tradition with great sounding bluesy licks to play, even at the beginning level. Topics include phrasing concepts (how small pieces of music, called licks, are organised to create a pleasing […]

Bluegrass & Country Guitar For The Young Beginner (Gitarre)

Bluegrass & Country Guitar For The Young Beginner A very easy, step-by-step book/CD package teaching chords, backup licks and breaks, hammer-ons, pull-offs and other solo techniques. Written in notes and tablature. Noten für: Gitarre Notenverlag: Mel Bay Publications MB20149BCD Noten Informationen und Preis: Bluegrass & Country Guitar For The Young Beginner

Classic Koshkin (Gitarre)

Classic Koshkin Born in 1956 in Moscow, guitarist Nikita Koshkin is one of Russia’s leading composers, teachers and concert artists. This collection includes works from throughout his 30-year career as a composer including his three-movement Hispanic Suite, one of his earliest compositions. The other compositions included in this volume are: Pan, Tristan Playing the Lute, […]

Etudes Mecaniques (Gitarre)

Etudes Mecaniques These twelve ‚mechanical studies‘ for guitar are intended as an atmospheric modern counterpart to the classical arpeggio study, a fundamental aspect of right-hand training. Accordingly, the left hand is kept relatively in the background while the right hand explores a particular pattern, texture, or technique. Noten für: Gitarre Notenverlag: Mel Bay Publications MB20007 […]

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