Fun With The Violin (Violine)

Fun With The Violin This is a collection of 47 big-note, level 1 easy solos on old favorites designed to build technique, range, and endurance while maintaining student interest. These familiar folk tunes are fun to play and ideal as a supplement to any method. All of the solos in this text may be played […]

Guitar Chords (Gitarre)

Guitar Chords This book is considered to be the largest selling basic guitar chord book ever published! Twelve basic guitar chord types are shown in three ways: photograph, notation, and chord diagram. In addition, a special bonus section is contained showing in photo and diagram the essential moveable rhythm guitar chord forms. This special section […]

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The Easy DADGAD Celtic Guitar (Gitarre)

The Easy DADGAD Celtic Guitar This collection contains thirty of the most requested Celtic session tunes, arranged for DADGAD tuning. Accompanying audio is available as an online download, which includes performances by Rob MacKillop . To assist playing these tunes, a technique primer and specific exercises are included. With the use of a To assist […]

Essential Flamenco Guitar 2 (Gitarre)

Essential Flamenco Guitar 2 The acclaimed first volume of this exciting series gave extensive insights into basic techniques of flamenco guitar playing and the two important rhythmic forms (palos) of Solea and Alegrias. This second volume continues on with an exploration of further essential rhythmic palos. The first of these, occupying the whole of the […]

First Lessons Cajon (Percussion)

First Lessons Cajon First Lessons Cajon has been specially designed to guide beginning players through all of the necessary steps to becoming a proficient Cajon player in a pop and rock context. Basic lessons in rhythm will help you learn mainstream beats for the Cajon that you can use in your favorite songs. Lessons in […]

20 Spanish Baroque Pieces (Ukulele)

20 Spanish Baroque Pieces This volume contains 20 pieces by the famous Baroque guitarist Gaspar Sanz (1640 – 1710) arranged specially for the Ukulele. Sanz ‚ works are tuneful and memorable, with fiery cross-rhythms and cascading scale passages. He published three books of Guitar music. The baroque Guitar could be viewed as a close relative […]

The Mandolin Picker's Guide To Bluegrass Improvisation (Mandoline)

The Mandolin Picker's Guide To Bluegrass Improvisation This useful guide was created with the intention of teaching Mandolin players how to improvise in the bluegrass style. Based on the concept of learning by playing, this 200 page book covers a wide range of improvisation tools and how to implement them in your playing. A large […]

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Steve Gadd Transcriptions (Schlagzeug)

Steve Gadd Transcriptions The Steve Gadd drumming transcriptions book honors the talents of one of the greatest drummers in the entire world: the amazing Steve Gadd. The book includes thirty stylistically varying transcriptions. It is a note for note, very accurate interpretation of Steve Gadd’s style of playing the drums. In some cases there are […]

Pachelbel's Loose Canon (Gitarre)

Pachelbel's Loose Canon Mel Bay is pleased to present the long-awaited publication of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet’s ‚loose‘ arrangement of the Pachelbel Canon for four Guitars. Originally intended as an inside joke for the LAGQ members, this clever and comical send-up of Pachelbel’s beautiful (and somewhat overplayed) melody has become a standard LAGQ encore […]

Gypsy Jazz Violin (Violine)

Gypsy Jazz Violin This method by Tim Kliphuis is the first book to teach Gypsy Jazz Violin in the style of S tephane Grappelli . Have you ever listened to Stephane Grappellis ‚ solos thinking ‚I wish I could do that, but it is way over my head‘? Here is the answer. Simple theory, licks […]

Duets For Two Violins (Violine)

Duets For Two Violins J. S. Bach’s two-part keyboard pieces form a significant body of musical literature, but only occasionally have they been arranged for strings. This carefully transcribed collection of violin duets and its two companion volumes – Duets for Two Violas (MB # 21438) and Duets for Two Cellos (MB #21439) – bring […]

Electric Bass For The Young Beginner (E-Bass)

Electric Bass For The Young Beginner Starting our children in a world of music at an early age is one of the most valuable things we can give our kids today. Music education very important in our children’s early years. Studies have shown that children that are involved in some sort of music program score […]

Flute Improvisation Made Easy (Flöte)

Flute Improvisation Made Easy Flute Improvisation Made Easy introduces the art of improvisation to flutists of all skill levels. The book covers basics of improvisation including rhythm, modes, scales, call and response, and typical forms like the blues. Written suggestions and transcribed improvisations guide the player in how to perform these musical elements. The accompanying […]

Understanding DADGAD (Gitarre)

Understanding DADGAD This book provides a complete introduction to using the DADGAD tuning for fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar. Understanding DADGAD For Fingerstyle Guitar systematically explores the tuning, starting with simple chords and scale patterns, ultimately showing how DADGAD can be used to play in nearly any key and in many different musical styles. Topics include moveable […]

Children's Ukulele Method (Ukulele)

Children's Ukulele Method Specially created for children and beginners of all ages, this method begins with simple chords and songs, after which learners will progress on to reading single note lines on the Ukulele. Proper holding, strumming and picking techniques are taught through text and pictures. The large text, notes and diagrams make this an […]

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