First Lessons Violin (Violine)

First Lessons Violin This volume in the popular First Lessons series introduces beginning Violin players to the fundamentals of music reading and instrumental technique, starting with the very basics. In First Lessons Violin there is an emphasis on the use of melodies and classical pieces to teach each new concept. The 28 lessons include basic […]

Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks And Soloing Concepts 1 (Mundharmonika)

Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks And Soloing Concepts 1 In Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks And Soloing Concepts #1 David Barrett teaches the principles and techniques utilized in the creation of phrases and explains how these concepts can be incorporated into your own Harmonica performance. Written in notation and Harmonica tablature, this method starts by explaining the […]

Musik Werbenetz

O'Carolan's Tunes For Treble/Alto Recorder (Blockflöte)

O'Carolan's Tunes For Treble/Alto Recorder Turlough O’Carolan was born in County Meath, Ireland in 1670. He was trained as a youth to play the harp, and throughout his life composed a large number of songs. O’Carolan developed a personal style, containing melodic elements of Irish folk music, courtly harp music and Italian baroque music. O’Carolan’s […]

Mauro Giuliani: La Melanconia (Gitarre)

Mauro Giuliani: La Melanconia Here is a piece by Mauro Giuliani of great beauty and musical value that is within the reach of any guitar player. I have added my fingerings to this piece so that the guitar can sing beautifully while the player maintains natural hand positions. I hope you enjoy it as much […]

Complete Electric Bass Method (E-Bass)

Complete Electric Bass Method While still available in two separate volumes (MLB93234 and MLB93235) Roger Filiberto ’s widely-used beginning Bass method is now available in one comprehensive book! Includes handy arpeggio charts featuring major, minor, augmented, diminished, and dominant seventh chords, plus their upper harmonic extensions. Applicable to any style of music, this method has […]

The Complete Chopin Mazurkas (Gitarre)

The Complete Chopin Mazurkas This collection presents, for the first time, the complete Mazurkas of Frederic Chopin arranged for solo classical guitar. The Mazurka is the only form the composer embraced throughout his lifetime. The distinctive and personal pieces are unimaginably varied and colorful, ranging from brief and vigorous dances to deep and complex extended […]

The Art of Rasgueado (Gitarre)

The Art of Rasgueado The rasgeuado technique is without a doubt the most impressive and characteristic element of the flamenco guitar. Author Ioannis Anastassakis has studied and researched the rasgueado technique of every significant flamenco guitarist in the world, and has compiled his work in this book in an easy and understandable notation form, with […]

Musik Werbenetz

101 Essential Blues Progressions (Gitarre)

101 Essential Blues Progressions This user-friendly book, with access to online audio, shows how to transform standard three-chord blues changes into harmonically sophisticated jazz-blues progressions. The book covers chord substitution, twelve-bar blues, minor blues, eight-bar blues, and sixteen-bar blues. Chord frames are supplied for guitarists. Blank treble and bass staves are included for writing songs, […]

Jazz Flute Duets by Lennie Niehaus (Flöte)

Jazz Flute Duets by Lennie Niehaus Lennie Niehaus is a household word among jazz musicians. Having been a phenomenal jazz saxophonist, he is eminently qualified to write for and understand woodwind instruments. These duets resulted from a conversation we had about the need for jazz flute literature. Most duets were written in the past for […]

Renaissance Solos (Mandoline)

Renaissance Solos Most of the music in this book comes from editions or manuscripts from England in the late 1500’s. There are also a few French pieces. The cittern was popular in Italy, England and France. Aside from various tunings, there were two main kinds of instruments being played during the 16th and 17th centuries: […]

Fiddle Tunes For Two Violas (Viola)

Fiddle Tunes For Two Violas This book contains a selection of Fiddle tunes arranged for two Violas. The idea is to supply a sampling of melodies that will be fun for beginning players. One of the drawbacks of the classic way of teaching Viola is the boredom of some of the early pedagogic repertoire. This […]

Easy Accordion Solos (Akkordeon)

Easy Accordion Solos This collection presents 39 lively French and American tunes for piano accordion, with companion CD providing backup only for 27 of the songs. Recommended for the intermediate player. Because this book is a reprint of a French edition, the Solfege system is used for indicating left hand buttons (Do, Re, Mi instead […]

Crossing To Scotland (Violoncello)

Crossing To Scotland Today the cello is usually considered a classical instrument, but from the late 17th to early 19th centuries it was used in folk ensembles to provide low, driving rhythms for dance tunes and to render haunting Scottish airs. Within the folk music revival of the past forty years there has been a […]

Jazz Theory Handbook (Musiktheorie)

Jazz Theory Handbook Jazz Theory Handbook is a complete guide to all the essential topics of jazz theory, suitable for all treble instruments. Its approach is clear and concise, realistic and practical. This book will help you to understand how contemporary jazz players think, and to apply theory concepts in your own playing. Subjects are […]

Under the Moon (Violine)

Under the Moon Martin Hayes of County Clare is the most eloquent fiddler to come out of Ireland in many a year. The whole gamut of human emotions can be found in his playing, from gentle yearning to soul-filled longing, and from mischievous playfulness to fierce passion. The spirit of Irish music is captured here […]

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