The Clash Of Icicles Against The Stars (Gemischtes Ensemble)

The Clash Of Icicles Against The Stars The I Ching provides a symmetrical structural base, while Rimbaud’s poem ‚Barbarian‘, with its highly emotional imagery, evokes the spatial range and temporal pace of The Clash of Icicles against the Stars Noten für: Gemischtes Ensemble Notenverlag: Edition HH Limited MDS-HH320 Noten Informationen und Preis: The Clash Of […]

The Monk's Prayer (Gemischtes Ensemble)

The Monk's Prayer In The Monk’s Prayer a labyrinth is at the heart of the concept. The flautist plays a melody; once plainly and then repeats it several times with increasing use of decorations. The sound is fed to a complex delay system. The multiple layers of quarter-tones build rich sound complexes that explore the […]

Musik Werbenetz

Six Solos (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Six Solos Active in Gloucester and Birmingham during the mid-18th century, Barnabas Gunn was a composer and performer of sacred and secular music. His violin sonatas of 1745, here published for the first time in modern edition, reveal him to have been more than just a competent provincial musician, however. Their style varies from Corellian […]

Un sogno a tre (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Un sogno a tre Un sogno a tre for flute, viola and harp was written in 1990 for a trio of young instrumentalists and first performed in the USA. In the enigmatic words of the composer: ‚the piece has no beginning, no middle and no end ?à simply three musicians telling each other something and […]

Chor der Dänen (Sinfonieorchester)

Chor der Dänen The ‚Chor der Dänen is the first of three surviving pieces from the incidental music Haydn wrote for a production of John William Cowmeadow’s play Alfred, König der Angelsachsen, oder der patriotische König (‚Alfred, King of the Anglo-Saxons, or, The Patriotic King) at Eisenstadt in September 1796. A subject such as Alfred […]

Apostrophen (Violoncello)

Apostrophen Apostrophen ist Solomusik voller Intensität und Schönheit. Noten für: Violoncello Notenverlag: Edition HH Limited MDS-HH31 Noten Informationen und Preis: Apostrophen

Some Words (Flexibles Ensemble)

Some Words Some Words with its theme of transformation, and transcendence was inspired by a set of four poems by Australian poet Judith Wright. Nirmali Fenn expresses in music the spatial allusions and metaphors of the opposing forces that struggle against each other in the endless creative Noten für: Flexibles Ensemble Notenverlag: Edition HH Limited […]

Musik Werbenetz

Sonata 'Elégie harmonique' op. 61 (Klavier)

Sonata 'Elégie harmonique' op. 61 The Sonata Op. 61 ‚Élégie harmonique‘ was written after the death of Dussek’s patron, Prince Ferdinand of Prussia, at the battle of Saalfeld on 10 October 1806. First published by Pleyel in Paris the following year, the sonata is infused with a spirit of lament and conveys great intensity of […]

Variations and miscellaneous pieces (Klavier)

Variations and miscellaneous pieces The third and final volume of keyboard music from the reclusive Carl Fasch contains his four sets of extended keyboard variations, including some impressive displays of virtuosity, and a variety of short keyboard works, the majority of them previously unpublished. This volume completes the survey of his Complete Keyboard Works, which […]

Sonatas and character pieces (Klavier)

Sonatas and character pieces The second volume of the complete keyboard music from the reclusive Carl Fasch contains two unpublished sonatas (one unusually in the key of B flat minor) and his considerable output of ‚character pieces‘, short descriptive works which justify contemporary opinion that he was the true successor to C.P.E. Bach. These individual […]

Vista Clara (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Vista Clara Vista Clara juxtaposes two different temperaments to generate a transformed piano, both in pitch structure and timbre. The piano is ring modulated throughout by frequencies chosen from a scale of twenty one pitches per octave. Noten für: Gemischtes Ensemble Notenverlag: Edition HH Limited MDS-HH30 Noten Informationen und Preis: Vista Clara

Five Preludes op. 16 (Sinfonieorchester)

Five Preludes op. 16 Here presented as a colourful orchestral suite, these preludes dating from Scriabin’s European tours of 1894-95 lend themselves delightfully to the small orchestra. Noten für: Sinfonieorchester Notenverlag: Edition HH Limited MDS-HH3 Noten Informationen und Preis: Five Preludes op. 16

Symphony no. 73 (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Symphony no. 73 A ’symphony quintetto‘ adaptation of one of Haydn’s favourite works made by John Peter Salomon, and now published for the first time in full score with parts. The keyboard contribution is optional, though effective, and the ingenuity with which the strings and flute accommodate Haydn’s full orchestral writing is a tribute to […]

Concerto in E minor (Gemischtes Ensemble)

Concerto in E minor This fine concerto shares its motto with Tomaso Albinoni’s oboe concerto in G minor Op. 9 No. 8, published in 1722, and with Antonio Vivaldi’s violin concerto in G minor, RV 317, published in 1729 as Op. 12 No. 1. Noten für: Gemischtes Ensemble Notenverlag: Edition HH Limited MDS-HH29-10 Noten Informationen […]

Handel's Celebrated 'Oboe' Concertos Op. 3 (Cembalo)

Handel's Celebrated 'Oboe' Concertos Op. 3 Solo keyboard adaptations of Handel’s orchestral music were common during the 18th century, although few have matched the idiomatic command and interest achieved by the present text. Dating from the mid-1780s, the unnamed arranger has shown enterprise and imagination when producing these highly effective keyboard versions. Organists, harpsichordists and […]

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