Misty (Big Band)

Misty Jazz pianist Errol Garner wrote this classic ballad. Everyone will recognize this unforgettable melody as you show off your lead alto sax and first trumpet in the solo spotlight. Designed for younger groups, this chart has easy ranges and rhythms, but a powerful ensemble sound makes the big band sound come alive. Mike Lewis’s […]

Over The Rainbow (Big Band)

Over The Rainbow Paul Cook brings us this rich, slow ballad setting of the classic tune from The Wizard of Oz. It’s easy to play and sounds delightful. Players and audiences will all want to hear this one often. A great chart to introduce phrasing and style to younger players. Very Easy (4:11) Noten für: […]

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Minnie The Moocher (Big Band)

Minnie The Moocher The theme of world-renowned jazz singer Cab Calloway is brought within reach of your beginning jazz ensemble in a delightful new arrangement by up-and-coming arranger Ralph Ford. Very Easy (2:33). Noten für: Big Band Notenverlag: Belwin Music JE9937 Noten Informationen und Preis: Minnie The Moocher

On Green Dolphin Street (Big Band)

On Green Dolphin Street This is an essential standard tune that every student of jazz should know. Victor Lopez provides your band with the opportunity to learn this legendary song in a new setting with a few twists. The head of the chart is done in a Latin style, a hard-swinging rendition of the bridge […]

Rock This Town (Big Band)

Rock This Town This is hotter than hot! Dave Wolpe’s expert adaptation of this tune from the Top 10 album by the Brian Setzer Orchestra really swings hard, and it doesn’t let up. (Can you believe a big band CD is near the top of the charts?) ROCK THIS TOWN is a real challenge, but […]

A Salute To Glenn Miller (Big Band)

A Salute To Glenn Miller Ein tolles Medley mit drei Titeln der Swing-Legende Glenn Miller: Noten für: Big Band Notenverlag: Alfred Publishing JE9905 Noten Informationen und Preis: A Salute To Glenn Miller

Sing Sing Sing (Big Band)

Sing Sing Sing Believe it or not, this Benny Goodman classic has never been available for standard big band instrumentation. The original contains solo clarinet and less than a full compliment of brass, so we asked arranger Mike Lewis to adapt this classic tune for five saxes, four trumpets, and four trombones with rhythm section, […]

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James Bond Theme (Big Band)

James Bond Theme James Bond was back in the theaters this year and once again captivated audiences around the world. This swingin‘ theme, in the very capable hands of Mike Story, works really very well for younger groups. Use this to teach the swing style, and keep your players interested with a song they know. […]

A Big Band Christmas (Big Band)

A Big Band Christmas It is really hard to find quality Christmas material for jazz ensemble that doesn’t require a long time to prepare. Well, here it is! Carl Strommen has arranged a solid medley of all-time favorite Christmas carols in a variety of jazz styles and tempos. You will hear THE TWELVE DAYS OF […]

Blue Rondo à la Turk (Big Band)

Blue Rondo à la Turk You are not going to believe this arrangement! Calvin Custer has masterfully interpreted Dave Brubeck’s classic jazz piece, creating a marvelous version for your jazz band that is really not that difficult. Effortlessly moving from 9/8 to 4/4 swing, this great chart features trumpet and alto sax solos in the […]

Li'l Darlin' (Big Band)

Li'l Darlin' Classic jazz, wonderful teaching material, now made very easy to perform… it sounds like a guaranteed success! (4:12). Noten für: Big Band Notenverlag: Belwin Music JE9806 Noten Informationen und Preis: Li'l Darlin'

Channel One Suite (Big Band)

Channel One Suite This classic Buddy Rich signature tune has been expertly arranged by Mike Lewis for less experienced groups. By reducing the difficulty of the original piece without sacrificing its musical integrity, Mike has formed a real jazz showpiece that is accessible to most bands. Great for teaching jazz history, too! (5:27) Noten für: […]

Billy's Blues (Big Band)

Billy's Blues As a band director, Mike Carubia understands what young jazz musicians need, and this new blues offering is a perfect example of his writing skill for this level. You can be sure that this piece will serve as great teaching material for your young jazz group this year. This chart has a nice […]

Moondance (Big Band)

Moondance This jazz-flavored pop classic by Van Morrison is perfect for jazz ensemble. Roy Phillippe has taken this ‚cool‘ tune to a new level of swing. There are opportunities for trombone, alto sax and trumpet solos, whether improvised or played as written. The technical demands are moderate, but the feel is really smooth. It’s another […]

Begin The Beguine (Big Band)

Begin The Beguine This is a truly authentic transcription of Artie Shaw’s classic version of BEGIN THE BEGUINE. Jeff Hest has meticulously notated every detail of this famous chart. Since it was such an important song in the genre, this arrangement creates a great opportunity to teach your students about the history of the big […]

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