Paul Simon Anthology

Paul Simon AnthologyPaul Simon Anthology, Notenbuch

Fifty selected titles from the hits of Paul Simon. Arranged for piano/vocal with guitar chords. Includes `Still Crazy After All These Years`, `Bridge Over Troubled Water`, `Scarborough Fair` and many more.

A Hazy Shade Of Winter; Ace In The Hole; America; April Come She Will; At The Zoo; Bridge Over Troubled Water; Cecelia; Cloudy; Congratulations; Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes; Duncan; Everything Put Together Falls Apart; Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall; For Emily, Whenever I Find Her; Gone At Last; Graceland; Hearts And Bones; Hey Schoolgirl; How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns; I Am A Rock; I Know What I Know; Jonah; Kathy`s Song; Keep The Customer Satisfied; Kodachrome; Late Great Johnny Ace; Late In The Evening; Loves Me Like A Rock; Mother And Child Reunion; My Little Town; Oh Marion; Old Friends; One Mans Ceiling Is Another Mans Floor; Punky`s Dilemma; Rene Andgeorgette Magritte With Their Dog; Richard Cory; Scarborough Fair [Simon, Paul]; Some Folks Lives Roll Easy; Sound Of Silence; St Judy`s Comet; Still Crazy After All These Years; Take Me To The Mardi Gras; That Was Your Mother; The 59th Street Bridge Song; The Boxer; The Boy In The Bubble; Train In The Distance; Under African Skies; Wednesday Morning 3.Am; You`re Kind

Noten für: PVG(B),Klavier & Gesang & Gitarre (mit Griffbildern)

Notenverlag: Paul Simon
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