Jazz Play Along: Volume 3 – The Blues

Jazz Play Along: Volume 3 - The BluesJazz Play Along: Volume 3 – The Blues, Notenbuch mit CD

10 Blues Classics for Bb, Eb and C instruments. Includes a CD for improvisation study and performance. Each tune includes a slipt track with melody cue with proper style and inflection, professional rhythm tracks, choruses for soloing, removable piano part, an additional full stereo accompaniment track (no melody) and additional choruses for soloing.

Billie`s Bounce [Parker, Charlie]; Birk`s Works [Gillespie, Dizzy]; Blues For Alice [Parker, Charlie]; Blues In The Closet [Pettiford, Oscar]; C Jam Blues [Ellington, Duke]; Freddie Freeloader [Davis, Miles]; Mr. P.C. [Coltrane, John]; Now`s The Time [Parker, Charlie]; Tenor Madness [Rollins, Sonny]; Things Ain`t What They Used To Be [Ellington, Mercer]

Noten für: B FLAT INST,C INST,E FLAT INST,Instrumente in B,Instrumente in C,Instrumente in Es
Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad / Fortgeschrittene
Notenverlag: Hal Leonard
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