Fast Forward: Finger-Picking Guitar

Fast Forward: Finger-Picking GuitarFast Forward: Finger-Picking Guitar, Notenbuch mit CD

The user-friendly CD & book package, packed with riffs, licks & tricks you can learn now… and easily incorporate into your own playing style.
Many books on fingerstyle guitar can be dry and stuffy, but not Fast Forward Finger-Picking Guitar! In this entertaining guide, you will learn the basic techniques for using the thumb and fingers. Play simple pieces that teach you how to create song accompaniments of your own. Try your hand at Spanish, folk, blues and pop sequences and discover the magic trick of the alternating thumb!

A Descending Bass Line; Alternating Thumb; Alternating Thumb – Slight Return; Boom-ching! Boom-ching!; Congratulations!; Four Special Friends; Guide To Guitar; Guitar Tablature Explained; Introduction; Playing A Thumb Pedal; Rolling Chords And Pull-offs; Three Fingers Only; Three Pieces; Two`s Company – Pairing Notes

Noten für: TAB(S),Gitarrentabulatur mit Akkordsymbolen
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Notenverlag: Wise Publications
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